With a decade of experience in this industry we have worked with a lot of different types of clients, providing unique expertise in a variety of circumstances. We sometimes have complete control of every element of a photoshoot like a styled food brandstory for a restaurant and other times we are chasing babies around a set trying to get the perfect shot for a Pampers advertising campaign. Whether we are predicting where the best light will be or the best angle to capture the National Christmas Tree Lighting, we bring a level of calmness to any job providing confidence to our clients.


above all else, we want your brand to be seen.

nick wiseman, owner Little sesame, whaleys, hill prince

"She became an integral part of our creative process."

Rachel was uniquely able to shoot and capture the style, tone and experience of each of our restaurants. She was able to bring her own perspective but also capture the spirit of our places so cleanly.

It's expensive to produce content. Especially if you're a small business. But they helped us leverage our content to get value from it by building an online community through social media.


"We find Maucieri to be calm, cool and collected for every shoot."

Working with Maucieri has been so fun. We need more creatives who are so collaborative and easy to work with. They bring a unique perspective and vision to every project and instill confidence in our clients with their beautiful work. 




sweet root village

"Rachel and phil kept the atmosphere relaxed the whole time."

We were so excited to bring on Maucieri Visuals to create some more unique content for us. We feel like we're pretty good at managing our social media, but wanted to step up our game and they had the perfect ideas to do so! They created stunning behind-the-scenes video clips for us that have been so great to boost our instagram feed and help promote our business, all while staying perfectly on-brand for us.



client List

Appointed Co.
Astro Doughnuts
Edible DC/OKC

It has been such an honor to work with so many wonderful companies over the years. Our clients are truly amazing and provide so much inspiration to us as we create unique content for them. Here are some clients we are proud to say we've worked with:

Halcyon Works
Little Ark
Sweet Root Village
Whaleys, Little Sesame, Hill Prince

Pineapple & Pearls